Milk Paint by Fusion

**I have included the last of my Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in with the Fusion.  They were both made by the same company and I am clearing the MMS brand out.

Take anything you've heard in the past about Milk Paint and throw it out the window! Because we're here to tell you this is NOT what you think (or have heard).

Intimidated by Milk Paint? Don't be! ⠀We've perfected this recipe so it's super easy to mix! 1 part Milk Paint powder to 1 part water. That's it. That's all!

Did you know that Milk Paint cures in 30 minutes?  It does!

The versatility in what’s achievable is limitless. You want super smooth MCM? You got it! You want a non chipping, solid opaque coverage? No problemo! You want rustic, aged and worn? Let’s get started! Whatever you desire, you can achieve with Milk Paint, and we're going to show you how right here! ⠀⠀When finishing your milk paint, take a light sanding sponge to it and add your top coat and you won't believe your hands! It feels like a factory spray finish, when in fact it's brushed on.⠀⠀⠀⠀

Unlock a world of potential with Milk Paint by Fusion!  Milk Paint is more than just a furniture paint!  Metal, plastic, glass, laminate - you name it you can paint it!! All you need to do is add our bonding agent and voila!  Bonding agent is magical! Just add it to your mixed Milk Paint and you can paint the world! You can still keep the beautiful finish of milk paint even when using this additive that makes the impossible possible!

*My remaining Miss Mustard Seed’s brand products are in this category now as well. Both products were made by Homestead House.