Angled Spalter Brush with Staalmeester® ONE Bristles

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One of the highlights of this collection is the Angled Spalter brush featuring the special Staalmeester® ONE bristles. This brush is a perfect match for Fusion™ Mineral Paint, providing you with outstanding results every time.

Its unique features include:

  1. High Absorbing Power: The Angled Spalter brush offers excellent paint absorption, allowing for smoother and more efficient application. You'll experience improved control and coverage with each stroke.
  2. Adaptability to Different Surfaces: No matter the surface you're working on, this brush adapts effortlessly. For precise application whether you're painting furniture, cabinets, or other projects, the Angled Spalter brush ensures a seamless application every time.
  3. Brushstroke-Free End-Result: Say goodbye to visible brushstrokes! The high-quality bristles on this brush deliver a professional finish, leaving you with a flawless, smooth surface.