Candle -  Winterberry

Candle - Winterberry

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Winterberry is a cool and invigorating fragrance blend that harmoniously combines the refreshing essence of peppermint and winterberry with the crispness of apple and the comforting warmth of cinnamon. The fragrance opens with a burst of cool peppermint, awakening the senses and infusing a refreshing energy. As it evolves, the winterberry introduces a fruity and slightly tart sweetness, reminiscent of winter's bountiful berries. The crisp apple note adds a juicy and revitalizing touch, while the warm cinnamon weaves throughout, providing a comforting and spicy undertone. Together, these elements create a captivating winter-inspired scent that invigorates the senses with its coolness, fruity nuances, and the cozy embrace of cinnamon.

Fragrance Notes: 

Top: Winterberry, Lemon Juice
Mid: Crisp Apple, Warm Cinnamon, Cool Mint
Base: Peppermint Candy, Musk


Phthalate Free

Paraben Free