IOD Ink Pad

IOD Ink Pad

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This is a dry empty ink pad.  You need a liquid ink to add to it.

How to fill an ink pad.

Step 1: Shake your ink bottle well before filling your ink pad. This ensures that any pigment that may have settled is fully mixed. We recommend using the blank
stamp pads to apply the ink (one for each color), then pat the surface of the
stamp with it.

Step 2: Starting along the outer edge, squeeze a line of ink going along the
perimeter of the pad. Repeat this process, going in ever smaller rectangles
until the entire pad is covered with ink.

Step 3: Stop squeezing the ink bottle and use the tip to work the ink into the pad
until it’s absorbed into the surface.

Store your ink pads upside down so the ink stays on the surface. Also, if it’s been
awhile since you last used an ink pad, add additional ink to refresh the