Table Top Finish - Satin

Table Top Finish - Satin

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Table Top Finish is a clear and durable top coat for surfaces painted with Mango Paint.

This water based non-yellowing formula provides a ‘scrubbable’ finish to your painted projects!

Use this finish when you expect a lot of wear and tear on your furniture – often used on table tops and areas where high ‘traffic’ is expected.

Simple ‘how to’ instructions:

For best results, once your piece has been painted with Mango Paint and is dry, give a fine sand overall until smooth. If desired, distress your painted piece by using additional pressure around your furniture edges and details.

After sanding, remove any dust from your piece with a dry cloth.

Stir product thoroughly before use to ensure a consistent sheen during application.

Apply a thin coat of Table Top Finish using a high quality brush or smooth lint free applicator.

For best results apply in single long strokes and avoid ‘backstroking’ during application

2-3 thin coats is recommended to ensure 100% coverage.

This product will be at its most durable after approximately 7 days cure time.