Tung Oil

Tung Oil

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Tung Oil is another natural wood finishing oil that is easy to apply, protects and enhances your wood gives you a water-resistant finish and is easy to maintain.

Highly resistant to water and abrasion, it is the most durable of all the natural oils. Tung Oil leaves a matte finish that does not yellow over time. The luster (sheen) can increase with extra coats and burnishing. This finish is preferred for exterior coatings, especially when looking to protect paint finishes like Milk Paint.

Pure Tung Oil contains no thinners or driers in it, making it food safe and eco-friendly. Polymerized Tung Oil which is more commonly found in your local hardware or woodworking shop, has thinners or driers in it. Typically these can be quite toxic. Our Tung Oil is 100% Pure Unpolymerized. We recommend you using our Odorless Solvent to cut your Tung Oil to help it penetrate bare wood more, and to dry faster if this is desired. Our Odorless Solvent is the safest on the market, It is 99.7% monomer free ( this is what causes the headaches).

250ml bottle